Children's Play Area

     Opened in September 2019


      Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

     Opened in November 2019 for recreational play and a range of ball games.  Wheels/vehicles and dogs are strictly forbidden.   The surface is now sealed and coloured Light Holly, and all court lines have been marked - Basketball, Football, mini Netball/Football,  Badminton/Pickleball.  It is open for use from Monday 11 May. 



     The new Seating Area

     A new area of tables and chairs between the Children's Play Area and the MUGA.  Planned to be finished by June.

     Improved Car Park and Paths

     The resurfaced car park to allow safe walking and parking with dedicated parking for  those with restricted mobility has been well received

     New tarmac paths connecting the Rec's pedestrian only entrance across to the car park, Play  Area and MUGA are now in use

     Improved Tennis Club facilities

     The third court and resurfaced existing courts plus a pavilion are finished - freshly sealed, painted and lines marked.