* As a Charity we are entirely self funded 

    * The 100 Plus Club gives you the chance to win while also supporting us

    100 Plus Club

    * £1 per week

    * Weekly Draw and Prizes of £50, £15, £5

    * Contact 07721 636045 (Malcolm)

    To access our Standing Order Form click here

    100 Plus Club Winners

    £50 £15 £10

    5 June Tony Simms  Sasha Rosen    Sally Barnes

    12 June Dave Cawdron  Nick Lee Evans    Christian


    19 June Alex Roberts  Dave Burch    Pete Lewis

    26 June Pete Swan  Alex Bass    Nick Lee-Evans

    July  Bunty Busby  Sue Higgs    Graham Swan

    10 July Roger Parton  Suzanne Wead    Vicky Harvey

    In the interests of independent impartiality, Malcolm is trying to ensure that a different brand of beer is present at each draw - last week Badger  "The Golden Champion".